We rent out high quality apartments, cottages, rooms and business premises in Trondheim city center.

    The premises are newly renovated townhouses, which originate from the 1900th century. Here, history and functionality will provide a basis for a short way to work, school and recreation.

    – Live a happy, central and efficient daily life.


    In Dronningens Bolig AS we pride ourselves on being tidy and decent, with simple and clear leases.

    It is important to us that everything is functional in our buildings. Fire safety is important to us, although our fire alarm is not directly linked to the fire department. The entire Dronningens gt 50 has fire sprinklers, with modern fire alarm systems and every apartment has 2 fire extinguishers in addition to fire blankets.

    We are focused on repairing damages, broken items and objects quickly.


    We think these old townhouses are amazing. Their age and history give inspiration to create beautiful and safe living conditions as a small enzyme to create happy lives for the people living in them. It is difficult to combine the conservation of the building´s soul and at the same time make them functional and safe according to current requirements and wishes.
    It is a primary goal that our residents will be able to easily find their comfort and to live locally, and inspire to see in to the history of the building and Trondheim.


    It is hard to determine, but you probably have to be social, communicative and tolerant. Consideration, and structure in your life is probably important to.
    This is housing for social, active people up to 35 years, with personal goals in life, but age is no obstacle, only the mind.